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       generatorrunner - plugin-based binding source code generator


       generatorrunner   --generatorSet=<plugin  name>  [options]  header-file
       typesystem-file ...


       generatorrunner is a utility  that  uses  the  information  taken  from
       APIExtractor  related  to the provided C++ headers and typesystem files
       and execute generators using this information. Generators  are  plugins
       and  you need to specify one using the --generatorSet parameter. At the
       moment there are two generators available:

       qtdoc  -  Generates  Sphinx-based  documentation  for   C++   libraries
       documented  using  qdoc3  documentation  syntax,  using  the  XML files
       created by the documentation tool (qdoc3).   Can  be  called  supplying
       --generatorSet=qtdoc  to  generatorrunner or by calling the convenience
       executable docgenerator.

       Other plugins can be used  with  generatorrunner,  provided  that  they
       follow  the  generator  front-end specifications, and can be written to
       generate code or documentation for any target languague you desire. For
       more information about the generator front-end architecture and current
       limitations, refer to


   General options
              The amount of messages displayed.

              Only generates the documentation.

              Prints the usage message.

              The directories where the generator will search for the headers.
              Works like gcc’s -I flag.

              Template for copyright headers of generated files.

              Show all warnings.

              The directory where the generated files will be written.

              Avoid printing any messages.

              The directories where the generator will search for the external
              typesystems referred by the main one.

              Displays the current version.  Drops support for named args.

   Specific to qtdoc plugin
              Directory used to search code snippets used by the documentation

              Directory  with XML files generated by documentation tool (qdoc3
              or Doxygen)

              The directory where the generated documentation  files  will  be

              Directory where library source code is located


       Lauro   Moura   <lauro.neto   at   openbossa  dot  org>,  Bruno  Araujo
       <bruno.araujo at openbossa dot org>, Hugo Lima <hugo.lima at  openbossa
       dot org>