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       dlda-landscape  -  Command  line  interface  to  dlda-landscape in mlpy
       (version 2.1.0)


       dlda-landscape [options]


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -d FILE, --data=FILE
              data - required

       -n, --normalize
              normalize data

       -s, --standardize
              standardize data

       -k K   k for k-fold cross validation

       -c SETS PAIRS
              sets and pairs for monte carlo cross validation

       -S, --stratified
              for stratified cv

       -v, --verbose
              print partial results every resampling step

       -m MIN, --min=MIN
              min value for nf parameter [default 1]

       -M MAX, --max=MAX
              max value for nf parameter [default 10]

       -p STEPS, --steps=STEPS
              amplitude of steps for nf parameter [default 1]

       -l, --lists
              Canberra distance indicator

       -a, --auc
              wmw_auc indicator

       -b, --bal
              parameter  of  DLDA  classifier  refering  to  the   balancement
              of training and test sets