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       djscript - A text formatter for the HP DeskJet printer.


       djscript [Options][<fil>...]


       The  tool’s  purpose  is  to  make  better use of the HP DeskJet’s text
       modes. On one hand djscript enables  the  user  to  easily  choose  the
       different  text  modes of the DeskJet. On the other hand there are some
       add-ons supposed to make some if these modes really useful.

       djscript now uses the libpaper library to handle the paper name.


       -F<font>  Select  font:  ‘courier’,  ‘cgtimes’,  ‘lettgoth’   (default:

              Print  to  file  <prfil>  (default:  -’). If <prfil> equals ‘-’,
              standard output is taken. If <prfil> equals ‘:<cmd>’, output  is
              piped into <cmd>

              Select  paper  size:  ‘dina4’,  ‘legal’,  ‘letter’  (default  is
              libpaper default)

              Select character set: ‘ascii’, ‘ansi’, ‘ecma’,  ‘pc8’,  ‘pc850’,
              ‘hpr8’, ‘hpl’ (default: ‘ascii’)

       -lq    Letter Quality instead of Draft.

       -itl   Italics font.

       -nrw   Narrow  printing. ‘horizontal double density’ (ignored with font

       -low   Low font. ‘vertical double density’

       -sml   Small font, the same as narrow and low.

       -ls    Landscape orientation instead of portrait. (works only with font
              ‘courier normal’)

              Set the logical page height to <n> lines.

              Produce  multi  column output of <n> text columns (n) or columns
              of <n> characters width each (w).

       -7966  Logical pages of 66 lines and 79 columns each.

              set left/right/top/bottom margin to column/row <n>.

              Horizontal and vertical spacing factors.

              Print pages in page range specification <pgs> only. <pgs>  is  a
              comma  separated  list of expressions of the form i, -i, i-j, or
              i- where i and j denote logical page numbers.

       -il    Ignore Ctrl-L characters.

       -pp    Start each file on a new physical page.

       -sp    Separate logical pages by horizontal and vertical bars.

       -sg    Show the page geometry; do not print.

       -q     Be quiet.

       -wc    Show nonwarranty and copying info.

       -h     Show help info.


       paperconf(1), papersize(5), paperconfig(8).


       This manual page was written by Craig  Small  <>,  for
       the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).