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       dt - DITrack command line client tool


       dt command [options] [args]
       dt-createdb repository-url issue-db-dir local-wc
       dt-upgrade-0.7-db issue-db-dir


       DITrack  is  a  free, open source, lightweight, distributed issue (bug,
       defect, ticket) tracking system using a Subversion  repository  instead
       of  a  backend  database.  It  is  written  in  Python and runs in UNIX
       environment (*BSD, Linux, MacOS X).

       The project is inspired by the idea of Subissue issue tracking  system.

       However,  while  Subissue  aims  in  merely  replacing  the traditional
       database  storage  with  Subversion  repository,  DITrack  is  a  major
       rethought of the issue tracking system paradigm. The main difference is
       that instead of sticking to the centralized model  (one  database,  one
       web   interface,   one  mail  integration  machinery),  DITrack  treats
       underlying Subversion storage as a versioned  distributed  file  system
       which enables benefits of truly distributed operation mode.

       For    more    information    about    the   DITrack   project,   visit

       Documentation for DITrack  and  its  tools,  including  detailed  usage
       explanations  of  the  dt  and  dt-createdb  programs,  can be found at

       Run ‘dt help’ to access the built-in tool documentation.

       Automatic upgrade is possible for databases created by DITrack 0.7.  If
       you  are  upgrading  from  previous version of DITrack, use the upgrage
       utility from DITrack 0.7 first.

       To upgrade a database run the  dt-upgrade-0.7-db  script,  passing  the
       database path as the argument, like:

       dt-upgrade-0.7-db /home/user/ditrack-database

       The  upgrade  procedure  merely modifies the working copy (nothing gets
       committed to the repository). So, when  done,  you  should  commit  the
       changes manually.

                                  April 2007