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       dipole - Yagi-Uda project file. Computez Z of a dipole


       yagi [ - dhps ] filename


       The program dipole is one of a number of executable programs that forms
       part of a set of programs, collectively known as the Yagi-Uda project ,
       which were designed for analysis and optimisation of Yagi-Uda antennas.
       dipole Was added to find the impedance of just a single dipole.


       first(1),  input(1),  output(1),   optimise(1),   first(5),   input(5),
       output(5) and optimise(5).


       Only  UNIX versions have been produced. I can’t be bothered with brain-
       dead operating systems like Windoze.


       Bugs should be reported to  Bugs tend actually
       to  be  fixed  if  they  can  be isolated, so it is in your interest to
       report them in such a way that they can be easily reproduced.   If  the
       input  file  is  edited  manually  and  done  incorrectly, there can be
       unpredictable results.


       Dr.  David  Kirkby  G8WRB  (,  with  help  with
       converting to DOS from Dr. Joe Mack NA3T (