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       diffmon - Monitor files on your system.


       diffmon [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the diffmon command.


       This  program  follows  the  usual  GNU  command line syntax, with long
       options starting with two  dashes  (‘-’).   A  summary  of  options  is
       included below.

       -D, --debug
              Turn on shell debugging ("set -x").

       -C, --compress-program CPROG
              Use CPROG to compress saved file images

       -c, --config-file FILE
              Use  FILE  as  the config file instead of the default, searching
              DIFFMONPATH if FILE not absolute pathname.

       -e, --errors-to MAINTAINER
              Stderr is reported to maintainer via email.   If  MAINTAINER  is
              set  to  "maintainer",  the  default  maintainer is assumed (see

       -h, --help
              You’re looking at it.

       -o, --old DIR
              Old reference files are kept and looked for in  DIR  instead  of
              the default.

       -p, --config-path CPATH
              Use  CPATH  to search for configuration files instead of default
              path.  Overrides value of DIFFMONPATH environment variable.

       -S, --suffix SUFFIX
              Compressed file suffix.

       -Z, --zcat-program ZPROG
              Use ZPROG  to  read  compressed  file  and  output  uncompressed
              version (should not uncompress file itself).

       -n, --no-update
              on’t update the saved file images


       This   manual  page  was  written  by  Jeff  Bailey  <>.
       Copyright (C) 2002 Jeff Bailey.  This document is in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.

                              February 22nd, 2002