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       dictl  -  wrapper  script  for  dict  that  permits using utf-8 encoded
       dictionaries on a terminal that is not utf-8 aware.


       dictl [OPTIONS] [word]


       dictl calls dict with the arguments given on the command  line.   dictl
       takes the value of the environment variable DICTL_CHARSET as the user’s
       preferred character set.  If this variable is empty, dictl attempts  to
       determine  the  character  set to be used from the output of the locale

       Arguments passed to dictl including word are converted from the  user’s
       preferred   character  set  to  server’s  character  set  specified  by
       DICTL_SERVER_CHARSET variable (utf-8 if it is  unset),  and  passed  to
       dict.   The  server’s  output  from  dict  is  converted  to the user’s
       preferred character set.

       NOTE: Because iconv omits characters from output that are invalid,
       recode -f is used for character set conversions  by  default.   If  you
       prefer iconv, set DICTL_USE_ICONV variable to non-empty string.  If you
       want to use konwert, set DICTL_USE_KONWERT to non-empty string.

       Because recode, iconv and konwert do not support conversion to or  from
       the  "C"  or  "POSIX"  locales,  it is recommended that all users whose
       locale is "C" or "POSIX", set DICTL_CHARSET to "latin1" (ISO_8859-1).


       dictl accepts all dict options as described in dict(1).


       dictl was written by Aleksey Cheusov <>
       This   manual   page   was    written    by    Robert    D.    Hilliard
       <> and Aleksey Cheusov <>


       dict(1), recode(1), iconv(1), konwert(1)