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       di-netboot-assistant - Debian-Installer netboot assistant


       di-netboot-assistant  [-hv] [--verbose] [--offline] {[install image...]
       | [purge image...] | [rebuild-menu] } [--arch=arch]


       di-netboot-assistant is a simple tool to download  and  extract  latest
       debian installer netboot images.

       Unless  the  -h,  --help,  -v, or --version option is given, one of the
       commands below must be present.

           install is followed by a repository name desired for  installation.
           The  repository  name  has  to be one of those declared in /etc/di-
           netboot-assistant/di-sources.list.    The     image     will     be
           installed/extracted  in  the default location (declared in /etc/di-

           purge  will  remove  a  previously  installed  d-i  netboot  image,
           according to the image name specified.


           rebuild-menu  will  rebuild the to level menu. It’s only usefull if
           you have installed some client images that have such top level menu
           (like i386, amd64 and ia64). This command takes no argument.

       -h, --help Print this message and exit

       -v, --version
              Print script version and exit

              Specify  the  architecture  you  want  to  install or purge. The
              architecture you can use for the install action must be declared
              in  /etc/di-netboot-assistant/di-sources.list.  The architecture
              you can use for purge action in  one  of  those  you  previously
              installed  !  The  usable architectures can be listed by leaving
              --arch= empty. The default architecture is the current  one  (as
              reported by dpkg’s APT::Architecture).

              Verbose messages

              Don’t download the file (simply re-extract and build menu)


       di-netboot-assistant  uses wget or curl to actually download the files.
       You can set the environnement variables accordingly.


       di-netboot-assistant was written by Frank Lin PIAT <>.