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       dhttpd - Minimal webserver without cgi-bin support.


       dhttpd [options]


       dhttpd  is  a  program  that  started out as a small project to write a
       simple server that could not be hacked, i.e. one that doesn’t allow cgi
       scripts,  and  one  that  didn’t  require a permanent IP address to use
       properly.  When this  server  was  completed  and  it  was  in  working
       condition,  it was  realized that it was memory efficient, low profile,
       quick, and served the one need for an HTTP daemon: to transmit files.


       dhttpd does not support generating directory listings for  you.  for  a
       directory,  it  will give the index.html, if it exists, or it will give
       an  error.   dhttpd  doesn’t  support  logging,  cgi,  or   public_html
       directories. It’s intended to be a very minimal web server.


       -p portnum
              Set the port the web server runs on http://servername/

       -r webdir
              Serve  requests  under  this  directory. The default location to
              serve files from is /var/www/.  You will need an  index.html  if
              you  want  to  be able to use exactly that location. If not, you
              have to enter the file name too.

       -b IP address
              Listen  on  specified  interface.  Defaults  to   (all

       -d     Do not fork into background on startup.

       -h     Show summary of options.


       This     manual    page    was    written    by    Christoph    Lameter
       <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system.