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       dh_cligacpolicy - creates and installs a CLI policy file for a package


       dh_cligacpolicy [debhelper options] [-n]


       dh_cligacpolicy is a debhelper program that is responsible for
       creating, compiling, and installing policy files for a Debian package.
       This automatically includes postinst and prerm commands needed to
       install these policies into the system.


       -n, --noscripts
           Do not modify postinst/prerm scripts.


       This file uses the debian/cligacpolicy files (either policyassemblies
       or debian/packagename.cligacpolicy) to generate the policy file. It
       supports multiple versions of the policy, including mapping multiple
       versions to a single file.

       The file format of the cligacpolicy file consists of five properties
       per line, each one separated by whitespace.

       Keyfile is a path, from the package root, to the .snk file =used to
       sign the assembly.
       Assembly is the name of the assembly, without the .dll =extension. For
       example, for log4net.dll, use log4net.
       Version Range can be a single four-part version, such as =, or a
       full range, such as For a single line, =the first two
       numbers must be identical. To have an assembly apply to =multiple
       versions, such as to, there needs to be one =line for
       each version range.
       Assembly version is the version of the assembly being =built.
       Priority defines the priority of the policy files. =Typically, each
       version will increase the priority and =contains all the policy
       controls for prior versions.

       The fields can be separated with spaces or tabs. Comments start the
       line with # characters and blank lines are ignored.


       Note that this command is not idempotent. "dh_clean -k" should be
       called between invocations of this command. Otherwise, it may cause
       multiple instances of the same text to be added to maintainer scripts.


       For the log4net version, a policy file is used to map all
       versions from to into the current version.

       debian/log4net.snk log4net 10



       This program is a part of cli-common-dev.


       Dylan R. E. Moonfire <>


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