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       dfo - Desktop Flickr Organizer for Gnome


       DFO  allows online/offline mode management of your photos. With DFO you
       can manage your existing photos and sets, create new sets,  edit  tags,
       descriptions,  and  permissions,  contribute to group pools, and so on.
       Basically performing most of the tasks that Flickr’s online  management
       tool Organizer does.


       The  first  time  you  run  DFO, the app won’t know who you are or have
       access to your Flickr account, so all you will see  is  a  window  with
       several empty panes. To get started, select Connect from the File menu.
       DFO will open a link to the Flickr site in your  default  Web  browser,
       where  you  must  grant  DFO  authorization  to  connect to your Flickr
       account. This is a security precaution enforced by Flickr on  all  apps
       that use the Flickr API.


       *  Add/Delete/Edit  comments.  Text  search  comments  and their author

       * Post photos to blogs.

       * Easy Drag-n-drop photos from nautilus for uploading.

       * Image preview in file chooser dialog, shown when uploading photos.

       *  Edit  title,  description,  privacy  and  tags  of  photos  set  for

       * Allow reverting of edits done to photo.



       This     manual     page     was     written    by    Varun    Hiremath
       <>, for the Debian project (but may be  used  by

                               December 7, 2006