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       qt-designer - Visual user interface designer for Qt.


       Qt  Designer simplifies the process of designing and creating graphical
       user interfaces (GUI) using the award-winning Qt toolkit.  Qt  Designer
       is  easy  to  learn.  There are tutorials, walkthrough examples and the
       reference documentation accelerating you through  the  learning  phase.
       After  that,  Qt Designer greatly reduces the time and effort needed to
       develop even the most complex dialogs with an easy-to-use  GUI  and  an
       integrated help system.

        Qt  Designer  provides  a  rich  set  of  features aimed at making the
       creation of dialogs as easy and smooth as possible without reducing the
       power  of Qt. It offers all the strength of the Qt layout system with a
       well-designed user interface. This, combined  with  the  Qt  Designer’s
       undo/redo  system  makes it simple to try different arrangements of the
       widgets until the result satisfies you.

        Using Qt Designer’s convenient property editor along with the  dynamic
       Qt property system it is easy to set the initial state of your widgets.
       Special editors for some widgets  (like  listboxes,  comboboxes,  etc.)
       allow  you to fill these widgets with content without writing any code.
       Using the object hierarchy view, the parent-child relationship  between
       the widgets of a dialog can be understood at a glance.

        Integrating dialogs into a Qt project is straightforward thanks to the
       User Interface Compiler (UIC), which generates C++ code  from  the  XML
       dialog  description  on  the  fly. The programmer can easily extend the
       functionality of the generated classes by subclassing without  touching
       generated code at all or running the risk of loosing their changes.




       QTDIR  Specifies  the Qt base directory.  On Debian systems this should
              be set to /usr/share/qt.  The /usr/bin/designer  wrapper  script
              takes care of this.


       TrollTech <>