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       delta - find differences between two RDF graphs


       /build/buildd/swap-cwm-1.2.1/swap/  DeprecationWarning:  the
       md5 module is deprecated; use hashlib instead

       import md5, binascii
              # for building md5 URIs

       Find differences between two RDF graphs, using functional  and  inverse
       functional properties to identify bnodes in the patch file.

              -f uri     from-file

              -t uri     file against which to check for differences

              -m  uri      file  with  metadata  to be assumed (in addition to

       --help -h         print this help message

              -v 1       verbose mode (can be 0 to 10, 0 is default)

              -g 0       g=0 - lots of little diffs.

              g=1, fewer diffs (default)

       If from-file but not to-file is given, from-file is smushed and  output
       Uris are relative to present working directory.

       For          motivation          and          explanation,          see

       $Id:,v   1.11    2007/06/26    02:36:15    syosi    Exp    $