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       debtags-edit - Search and categorize Debian packages


       debtags-edit [options]


       debtags-edit  is  GUI  application  to  search  and  categorize  Debian
       packages using both the APT and the Debtags databases. Its  purpose  is
       to  make  it  easy  and  fast  for everyone to contribute to the Debian
       packages categorization.

       When run, debtags-edit  accesses  the  APT  database  and  the  Debtags
       database to provide package search functionality.  Clicking on a result
       of the search displays the package details and allows to add or  remove
       tags to the package.

       Together  with  the  package  details  is  a  list of related packages,
       computed using Debian Package Tags.  If wrong packages show up  in  the
       related packages box, then it’s a symptom of poor categorization: go at

       If the environment variable DEBEMAIL is set  on  startup,  debtags-edit
       will  consider  you  a  Debian Developer and will start with the filter
       setup to look for your packages.  If DEBEMAIL  is  not  set,  then  the
       filter is initialized to show only installed packages.

       debtags-edit  is  able  to save your changes in a tag patch file inside
       the directory ~/.debtags/.  The tag patch file is a smart patch  format
       which  can  be  applied  to any version of the Debtags archive, so your
       changes will remain valid after you run debtags  update.   debtags-edit
       will  automatically  save  your changes on exit, or when you invoke the
       Save function.

       TODO: submission of local modifications for inclusion  in  the  central
       tag archive.

       Please  see debtags(1) for informations on Debian Package Tags.  Please
       see tagcoll(1) for a description of a  tagged  collection  and  of  the
       format of the tag patch.


       This  program  follows  the  usual  GNU  command line syntax, with long
       options starting with two dashes (‘-’).

       --help Print an help message and exit.

              Print the program version and exit.

              Print informational messages about  the  program  operations  to
              standard error.

              Print debug messages to standard error.


       debtags(1), tagcoll(1),


       debtags-edit  has  been  written by Enrico Zini <> for
       the purpose  of  experimenting  with  tagged  collections  and  related
       algorithms: all possible feedback and ideas are thus more than welcome.