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       debrsign - remotely sign a Debian changes and dsc file pair using SSH


       debrsign [options] [user@]remotehost [changes-file|dsc-file]


       debrsign  takes  either  an  unsigned .dsc file or an unsigned .changes
       file and the associated unsigned .dsc  file  (found  by  replacing  the
       architecture  name  and .changes by .dsc) if it appears in the .changes
       file and signs them by copying them to the remote machine using  ssh(1)
       and  remotely  running  debsign(1)  on  that  machine.  All options not
       listed below are passed to the debsign program on the remote machine.

       If a .changes or .dsc file  is  specified,  it  is  signed,  otherwise,
       debian/changelog  is  parsed to determine the name of the .changes file
       to look for in the parent directory.

       This utility is useful if a developer  must  build  a  package  on  one
       machine where it is unsafe to sign it; they need then only transfer the
       small .dsc and .changes files to  a  safe  machine  and  then  use  the
       debsign  program  to  sign  them  before  transferring them back.  This
       program automates this process.

       To do it the other way round, that is to connect to an  unsafe  machine
       to  download the .dsc and .changes files, to sign them locally and then
       to transfer them back, see the debsign(1) program, which  can  do  this


       -S     Look  for  a source-only .changes file instead of a binary-build
              changes file.

       -adebian-architecture, -tGNU-system-type
              See dpkg-architecture(1) for a  description  of  these  options.
              They affect the search for the .changes file.  They are provided
              to mimic the behaviour of dpkg-buildpackage when determining the
              name of the .changes file.

              Multiarch  changes mode: This signifies that debrsign should use
              the    most    recent    file    with    the    name     pattern
              package_version_*+*.changes  as  the  changes file, allowing for
              the changes files produced by dpkg-cross.

       --path remote-path
              Specify a path to the GPG or PGP binary on the remote host.

       --help, --version
              Show help message and version information respectively.

       Other options
              All other options  are  passed  on  to  debsign  on  the  remote


       The  two configuration files /etc/devscripts.conf and ~/.devscripts are
       sourced in that order to set  configuration  variables.   Command  line
       options   can   be   used  to  override  configuration  file  settings.
       Environment variable  settings  are  ignored  for  this  purpose.   The
       currently recognised variables are:

              Equivalent to passing --path on the command line (see above.)


       debsign(1), dpkg-architecture(1) and ssh(1).


       This  program  was  written  by  Julian  Gilbey <> and is
       copyright under the GPL, version 2 or later.