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       debpkg - wrapper for dpkg


       debpkg dpkg-options


       debpkg  simply invokes dpkg(1) but first becomes superuser so that dpkg
       is able to install and remove packages.  It also cleans the environment
       and        resets       PATH       to       a       sane       default:
       "/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11" so that local versions  of
       programs are not run by accident.


       debpkg  must  be  given  superuser  privileges  in some way to function
       properly.  Access to debpkg with those privileges is the same as having
       superuser  access  to your machine.  debpkg will abort if it finds that
       it neither being run by root nor setuid root.

       The devscripts package has been designed to allow  debpkg  to  be  made
       setuid  root.   This  works  by  using a compiled wrapper script, which
       means that suidperl is not required.  See dpkg-statoverride(8)  if  you
       wish  to  make  this  program  setuid  root.   sudo or super could also
       conceivably be used.


       Christoph Lameter <>; minor  modifications  made  by
       Julian Gilbey <>.