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       debiandoc2dbxml  -  Utility  to  translate  debiandoc-sgml  files  into
       docbookxml files


       debiandoc2dbxml [ -hvabsSk ] [ -l locale string ] [ file ]


       debiandoc2dbxml will take a debiandoc-sgml file and convert it  into  a
       docbook  xml  file.  The  root  element can be "book" or "article". The
       version of docbookx.dtd is 4.0.

       Before using debiandoc2dbxml, you should run debiandoc-tidy in order to
       "normalize" your sgml file.


       -h     Print a help message.

       -v     Print the version number.

       -a     Choose the root element "article".

       -b     Choose the root element "book".

       -s     Indicate  that there is a subset of the dtd in the prolog of the
              sgml file.

       -S     Choose to split the result in many  files.  The  script  creates
              "main.xml"  and  xml  files  from  each  bookinfo,  chapter  and
              appendix.  This option should be used with the -l option.

       -l     A string that indicates where you want to put the xml files when
              the  -S  option has been chosen. The "main.xml" goes to path/to/
              and the xml files go to path/to/string/.

       -k     The script creates two files "sgml.error" and "xml.error"  which
              you can read when this option has been set.





       This      page      was      written      by     Philippe     Batailler
       <>.  April 2003.

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