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       dbconfig-generate-include - generate custom format db include files


       dbconfig-generate-include   [-hv]   [-f   format]   [-o  options]  [-a]
       [-d[varname]] [-u[varname]] [-p[varname]]  [-s[varname]]  [-P[varname]]
       [-t[varname]] [-C[commentstr]] [-O owner[:group]] [-m mode] [-U] infile


       dbconfig-generate-include  is  a  program  to  generate  custom  format
       include files containing the information necessary to connect a program
       to a database resource.


       infile use the given dbconfig-common config file as input

              use the given file as input (default: stdout)

              use the given output format (default: sh)

              pass options  specific  to  an  output  format  in  a  semicolon
              seperated list. see OUTPUT FORMATS/OPTIONS for more information.

              include all information in output (default)

              include the dbname in the output

              include the dbpass in the output

              include the dbserver in the output

              include the dbport in the output

              include the dbuser in the output

              include the dbtype in the output

              "comment out" any unset variables, using  a  string  appropriate
              comment string for the programming language in question.  can be
              overridden with an optional parameter as an arbitrary comment.

              set the owner:group of the output file

              set the permissions on the output file

              register the outputfile with ucf

              display this helpful message

              output the version and exit


       format is one of a list  of  include-file  style  formats  for  various
       programming languages.  the current list includes:

       sh     /bin/sh style include file.

       perl   perl parseable include file.

       php    php parseable include file.

              a  file  which  contains  a series of fields to be replaced with
              actual  values.   all  substitutable  fields  consist   of   the
              underlying  dbc_  variable  name capitalized and surrounded with
              underscores.  for example: _DBC_DBUSER_.
               options:   template_infile  (path  to  input  file   containing

       cpp    c-style header file, using #defineā€™d constants.