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       nt - A download manager for X


       nt [OPTIONS] ... [URL]


       nt  (also  known  as  Downloader  for  X)  is  a  Linux GUI program for
       downloading files from the Internet.  It supports  FTP  and  HTTP  (not
       completly  yet  but  the  current  implementation  is  quite enough for
       downloading).  The program will  resume  interupted  downloads  if  the
       server  supports  it  too.   nt  is  like  kget  for Linux and ReGet or
       GetRight for Microsoft Windows (tm).


       Options are distinguished from URLs in that they  begin  with  a  minus
       sign (-).  One may specify any number of options and URLs.

       Many  of  the options can be used to control a pre-existing instance of
       nt.  When nt finds an instance  of  itself  already  running,  it  will
       forward  the command to the already running instance for execution.  If
       there no pre-existing instance is  found,  then  it  will  perform  the
       requested operations itself.

       The  command  line  will be parsed from left to right.  This means that
       the requested operations will be performed in that order.

       nt accepts the following options:

       URL    Add the indicated file to the download queue.  A dialog box will
              appear  in which you can indicate where the file should be saved
              and set other options.  If nt is already running, then  the  new
              instance  will  simply ask the existing instance to add the file
              and then it will exit. If existing instance  already  have  this
              URL  in  queue in inactive state than it will be moved to *wait*

       -h, --help
              Print a brief description of the command line options and  exit.

       -v, --version
              Show the version number and exit.

       -i, --info
              Show  basic  information  about  current state of a pre-existing
              instance of the program.

       -s, --speed
              Show current achieved download speed of a pre-existing  instance
              of  the  program.   The  speed is a part of information which is
              displayed by --info.

              Start Downloader in the minimized (iconified) state.  This  will
              not minimize a pre-existing instance of the program.

       --exit-time minutes
              Set the timeout for exiting when the program is idle.

       -t1, --traffic-low
              Switch to low speed.

       -t2, --traffic-medium
              Switch to medium speed.

       -t3, --traffic-high
              Disable speed limit.

       -d, --directory PATH
              Set directory for saving downloaded files.  This applies only to
              files added to  an  pre-existing  instance  by  running  the  nt
              command with URLs on the command line.

       -c, --delete-completed
              Remove completed downloads from the queue.

       -r, --rerun-failed
              Rerun all failed downloads.

       -w, --without-face
              Start  Downloader without X interface.  (It will display the log
              on stdout but there will be no user interface of any kind.   The
              only  way  to  control  it  is  by  running  nt with appropriate

       -m, --max-running integer
              Set the maximum total number of  active  downloads  for  current

       --ls [integer | URL]
              Display  tree  of  queues,  queue  listing  or information about
              separate URL.

       --switch integer
              Change current queue. Queue  number  must  be  specified  as  it
              displayed by --ls command line parameter

              Use  colors  in main log when run without interface. This option
              has no effect when Downloader was run with X interface.

       -geometry [WIDTHxHEIGHT][+X][+Y]
              Specify geometry of main window.  Programm  will  ignore  stored
              position  and  size  of  the  main  window  if  this  option  is

       --del URL
              Remove URL from programs’s queues.

       --stop URL
              Stop downloading file. You can continue downloading this file by
              specifying the same URL as command line parameter.


       Copyright   (C)  1999-2002,  Maxim  Koshelev  <>  This
       program  is  released  under  the  Artistic  license   ;   please   see
       /usr/share/common-licenses/Artistic   for  the  complete  text  of  the
       Artistic license.


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       This manual page was written by Julien BLACHE <>, for
       the  Debian  GNU/Linux  system (but may be used by others).  Updated by
       Maxim   Koshelev   <>.    Updated   by    David    Chappell

                                March 7th, 2001                          nt(1)