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       cyr - setup Cyrillic on Linux console


       cyr [ options ]... [ keyboard [ keyboard_options ... ]]


       cyr  is  a  program  for  fast  and easy setup of Cyrillic on the Linux


       -C, --copyright
              Display copying conditions and warranty information.

       -h, --help
              Display help information and exit.

       --save Saves  given  parametes   as   default   for   latter   use   in

       -v, --verbose
              Be more verbose.

       -s, --style=fontstyle

       -f, --size=fontsize
              Use  the given fontstyle (i.e. fontface) and fontsize.  Type cyr
              --help to see possible fontstyle-fontsize combinations.

              Use this fontfile.  The options -s and -f get ingnored  if  this
              option  is given.  You will use this argument if you want to use
              font that is not directly supported by cyr.

       -e, --encoding=encoding
              Setup the Linux console for this encoding.

       --ttys=’console1 console2...’
              Setup Cyrillic in these consoles.


              Use this keyboard and keyboard options.


       cyr reads it defaults from  ~/.cyr_defaults  or  (if  the  former  file
       doesn’t exist) from /etc/console-cyrillic.

       Lines  that  contain  only spaces or begin with ‘#’ are simply ignored.
       All other lines should have the form

       keyword parameters

       Different keywords correspond to different arguments of cyr as follows:

       ‘ttys terminals...’ is equivalent to ‘--tty=’terminals...’’.

       ‘style fontstyle’ is equivalent to ‘--style=fontstyle’.

       ‘size fontsize’ is equivalent to ‘--size=fontsize’.

       ‘encoding enc’ is equivalent to ‘--encoding=enc’.

       ‘fontfile fntfile’ is equivalent ot ‘--font=fntfile’.

       ‘layout kbd’ specifies kbd as default keyboard to use.

       ‘options opt...’ specifies opt as default keyboard options.


       Anton Zinoviev <>, <>