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       cyclictest - Xenomai high resolution timer test


       cyclictest [options]


       cyclictest  is  part of the Xenomai test suite and tests the POSIX skin
       of Xenomai with a cyclic timer test.

       For this program to work, you need to run a  suitable  Xenomai  enabled
       kernel with the respective module (xeno_posix).


       cyclictest accepts the following options:

       -b USEC, --breaktrace=USEC
              send break trace command when latency > USEC

       -c CLOCK, --clock=CLOCK
              select clock:
                      0 = CLOCK_MONOTONIC (default)

                      1 = CLOCK_REALTIME

       -d DIST, --distance=DIST
              distance of thread intervals in us default=500

       -i INTV, --interval=INTV
              base interval of thread in us default=1000

       -l LOOPS, --loops=LOOPS
              number of loops: default=0 (endless)

       -n, --nanosleep
              use clock_nanosleep

       -p PRIO, --prio=PRIO
              priority of highest prio thread

       -q, --quiet
              print only a summary on exit

       -r, --relative
              use relative timer instead of absolute

       -t NUM, --threads=NUM
              number of threads: default=1

       -v, --verbose
              output values on stdout for statistics

              format: n:c:v n=tasknum c=count v=value in us


       cyclictest  was  written  by Thomas Gleixner <>. This
       man page was written by Roland Stigge <>.