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       cycle - a calendar for women




       Cycle  is  a  calendar  program  for  women.  Given  a  cycle length or
       statistics for  several  periods,  it  can  calculate  the  days  until
       menstruation,  the days of "safe" sex, the fertile period, and the days
       to ovulations, and define the d.o.b. (date of birth)  of  a  child.  It
       allows  the user to write notes and helps to supervise the reception of
       hormonal contraceptive tablets.


       The program is capable of:

        - Calculate of the days of menstruation, based on length of the  cycle
       or on statistics of a period.
        - Calculate the "safe" sex days, fertile period and day to ovulations
        - Definition of D.O.B . (Date Of Birth) of a child
        - Allows to write notes
        - Helps to supervise reception of hormonal contraceptive tablets


       It  uses  the  calendar  method for the definition of fertile days. For
       this is necessary to determine duration, at least, of last six  cycles.
       For determine the fertile days it uses this algoritm:

        - First day: duration of shortest cycle minus 18
        - Last day: duration of longest cycle minus 11
        -  Ovulation: is considered in the middle of fertile period (Determine
       the exact day isn't possible with the calendar method)

       Date of a birth of the child is counted  from  the  beginning  of  last
       menstruation  (in  obstetrics  are  accepted  40  weeks).  This date is
       corrected with the duration of a cycle (are subtracted  or  added  same
       number  of  days  that a cycle differs from 28 days). Is possible check
       the results at: (in Russian)


       It is necessary to mark the beginning of menstruation. This is possible
       clicking  with  the right button on the date and chosing "The beginning
       of a cycle". Similarly the mark can be removed. Using duration of  last
       six cycles, the program will calculate

        - Fertile period - green cells
        - Ovulation day (the middle fertile period) - brightly green cell
        - Beginning of following menstruation - pink cells

       Cycle  duration  is  set in options or is calculated an average of last
       six periods.

       To determine prospective date of a birth of the child, it is  necessary
       first day of last cycle to mark in addition as "Pregnancy".

       Depending  on  your  purposes,  you can display only "Safe" sex days or
       only fertile days. Information about interesting day  can  be  received
       clicking with left button.

       Is  possible  adding a note to any date using corresponding item of the
       menu. Day with a note are underlined.

       It  is  necessary  to  note  that  factor  of  failures   of   calendar
       contraception  method is about 10 percent. This method is suitable only
       for women with enough regular cycle.

       If your doctor has recommended hormonal contraceptive this program will
       help  to  supervise  their  reception.  Closely  familiarize  with  the
       instruction applied to the chosen preparation. Packing can  contain  21
       tablet  (the  circuit  of  reception  21 day on one tablet, then 7 days
       pause) or 28 tablets in this case  all  tablets  are  accepted  without
       interruption  every  day  of  28. In the program, is marked only day of
       reception of each first tablet of packing.

       NOTE: This program is not a  reliable  contraceptive  method.  It  does
       neither  help  to  prevent sexual transmision diseases like AIDS. It is
       just an electronic means of keeping track of some of your medical  data
       and extract some statistical conclusions from them. You cannot consider
       this program as a substitute for your gynecologist in any way.


              This is the directory where cycle stores the data.


       cycle was written by Oleg S. Gints.

       This  manual   page   was   written   for   Debian   by   Miriam   Ruiz


       You can find cycle's home page at:

       More    information   about   calendar   method   are   available   at: (in Russian)