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       cvtenc - file encoding converter


       cvtenc [-Encoding encoding] [-EscapeIn yes|NO] [-EscapeOut yes|NO]


       Converts  a file encoded in a specified or default non-unicode encoding
       to unicode, or, if the file is already in unicode,  converts  it  to  a
       specified  or  default  non-unicode  encoding.   The  converted text is
       printed to standard out.


       -Encoding  encoding
           Specify  non-unicode  encoding  to  be  used.   The  direction   of
           conversion depends on whether the file given as input is recognized
           as unicode (from the  higher  order  bytes).   To  get  a  list  of
           available encodings, enter "list" for the encoding.  If this is not
           specified, the default encoding for the current locale is used.

       -EscapeIn YES|NO
           Specify ’-EscapeIn YES’ (the default is ’NO’) to  parse  the  input
           for \u escape sequences (as in property lists).

       -EscapeOut YES|NO
           Specify  ’-EscapeOut  YES’  (the  default  is  ’NO’) to generate \u
           escape sequences (as in property lists) in the output.  Note,  this
           might produce unexpected results for some encodings.


       Written in 2002.

       This manual page first appeared in gnustep-base 1.9.2 (March 2004).


       cvtenc was written by Richard Frith-McDonald <>