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       cvsconnect - CVS connection minimizer


       cvsconnect cvsroot [command-to-run ...]


       CVSconnect enables you to do multiple CVS operations on single network
       connection.  CVSconnect sets up special environment using
       $CVSRSH/$CVSROOT for the command line CVS client.  In the environment,
       the command line CVS client reuses a network connection.

       CVSconnect is especially designed to use with CVSsuck.  And CVSconnect
       (or similar) will be integrated to a future version of CVSsuck.
       However, it is planned that CVSsuck directly connects to a cvs server
       without cvs command.


        cvsconnect $HOME/.cvsroot


       ·   The global option -z for compression cannot be used.  If you use
           SSH via ext method, you can use compression by SSH instead.

       ·   CVS client must be run at a time.  Running two or more clients at a
           same time will make a trouble.  (will be fixed in future release.)

       ·   Some static variables in a CVS server may confuse you.  It’s a CVS
           bug.  Report it to CVS developper :-).

       ·   command line CVS client must request ‘Root’ first.  Don’t mind.
           There is no implementation which violates this assumption, however
           I know.  At least, CVS-1.10 and CVS-1.11 should work.


       ·   When CVS command is failed, CVSconnect automatically re-run the
           command with reconnected connection when CVS command is failed.
           Especially the failure is caused by a long running CVS-1.10 server.
           Since CVS-1.10 doesn’t close some file descriptors, a long running
           CVS server will exceed a limit of file descriptors.

       ·   /bin/sh should be POSIX sh because this script uses
           ${parameter#pattern}, etc.  If your /bin/sh is ancient Bourne
           shell, use ksh or bash.


       cvs(1), cvssuck(1).


       This manpage is written by Piotr Roszatycki <> for
       Debian distribution and can be freely redistributed.