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       cvscheck - Offline status report for files in a checked-out CVS module.


       cvscheck [dir]


       cvscheck prints information about the status of your local CVS checkout
       without  communicating with the server. This means it is extremely fast
       and does not require a network connection.

       The given directory and all of its  subdirectories  will  be  processed
       recursively.  If  no  directory is given, the current directory and its
       recursed subdirectories will be used.

       Each file with an interesting status will  be  printed  with  a  status
       character in front of its name. The status characters are as follows.

       ? foobar.c
              The file is not known to CVS

       M foobar.c
              The file is definitely locally modified

       m foobar.c
              The  file  might  have  local  changes. You should diff with the
              server to make sure.

       C foobar.c
              The file has a CVS conflict and therefore cannot be committed.

       U foobar.c
              This file is in CVS but is missing in your local checkout.

       T foobar.c
              This file has an unusual sticky CVS tag.

       A foobar.c
              You have done a  cvs  add  for  this  file,  but  have  not  yet
              committed it.

       R foobar.c
              You have done a cvs rm for this file, but have not yet committed

       This utility is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.




       cvscheck   was   written   by   Dirk   Mller    <>   and
       Sirtaj.Singh.Kang; <>

       This  manual  page was prepared by Ben Burton  <> for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).

                                 March 8, 2003