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       cvs2bzr - convert a cvs repository into a bazaar repository


       cvs2bzr --options OPTIONFILE


              cvs2bzr [OPTION...] OUTPUT-OPTION CVS-REPOS-PATH

       Convert a CVS repository into a Bazaar repository, including history.


              Configuration via options file:

              read  the conversion options from PATH.  This method allows more
              flexibility than using command-line options.  See  documentation
              for info

              Output options:

              path to which the data should be written

              do not create any output; just print what would happen.

              Conversion options:

              convert only trunk commits, not tags nor branches

              encoding  for paths and log messages in CVS repos.  If option is
              specified multiple times, encoders are tried in order until  one
              succeeds.                                                    See
     for a list of
              standard Python encodings.

              If all --encodings fail, use lossy encoding with ENC

              if  a  file appears both in and out of the CVS Attic, then leave
              the attic version in a SVN directory called "Attic"

              Symbol handling:

              transform symbol names from P to S, where P  and  S  use  Python
              regexp  and  reference  syntax  respectively.   P must match the
              whole symbol name

              read symbol conversion hints from PATH

              specify how ambiguous symbols are converted.  OPT is "heuristic"
              (default), "strict", "branch", or "tag"

              force symbols matching REGEXP to be branches

              force symbols matching REGEXP to be tags

              exclude branches and tags matching REGEXP

              do  not exclude branches that were only used for a single import
              (usually these are unneeded)

              Subversion properties:

              username for cvs2svn-synthesized commits

              set file properties from the auto-props section of a file in svn
              config format

              specify    an   apache-style   mime.types   file   for   setting

              set svn:eol-style from mime type if known

              default svn:eol-style for  non-binary  files  with  undetermined
              mime  types.   STYLE  is  "binary"  (default), "native", "CRLF",
              "LF", or "CR"

              don’t set svn:keywords on any files (by  default,  cvs2svn  sets
              svn:keywords on non-binary files to "Author Date Id Revision")

              keep  .cvsignore  files  (in  addition to creating the analogous
              svn:ignore properties)

              record CVS revision numbers as file properties

              Extraction options:

              use CVS to extract revision contents (slower than --use-rcs  but
              more reliable) (default)

              use  RCS to extract revision contents (faster than --use-cvs but
              fails in some cases)

              Environment options:

              directory   to   use   for   temporary   data   files   (default

              path to the "co" program (required if --use-rcs)

              path to the "cvs" program (required if --use-cvs)

              path to the GNU "sort" program

              Partial conversions:

              execute only specified PASS of conversion

       -p [START]:[END], --passes=[START]:[END]
              execute  passes  START  through END, inclusive (PASS, START, and
              END can be pass names or numbers)

              Information options:

              print the version number

       -h, --help
              print this usage message and exit with success

              list the available passes and their numbers

       --man  write the manpage for this program to standard output

       -v, --verbose
              verbose (may be specified twice for debug output)

       -q, --quiet
              quiet (may be specified twice for very quiet)

              write information and statistics about CVS symbols to PATH.

              prevent the deletion of intermediate files

              profile with ’hotshot’ (into file cvs2svn.hotshot)


       Manpage was converted for the Debian GNU/Linux system with help2man  by
       Laszlo ’GCS’ Boszormenyi <> (but may be used by others).


       cvs(1), bzr(1)