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       cvs-debc  -  view  contents of a cvs-buildpackage/cvs-debuild generated


       cvs-debc [options] [package ...]


       cvs-debc is run from the CVS working directory  after  cvs-buildpackage
       or  cvs-debuild.   It  uses  the  cvs-buildpackage system to locate the
       .changes file generated in that  run.   It  then  displays  information
       about the .deb files which were generated in that run, by running dpkg-
       deb -I and dpkg-deb -c on every .deb archive  listed  in  the  .changes
       file, assuming that all of the .deb archives live in the same directory
       as the .changes file.  It is useful  for  ensuring  that  the  expected
       files have ended up in the Debian package.

       If  a  list  of  packages is given on the command line, then only those
       debs with names in this list of packages will be processed.

       Note that unlike cvs-buildpackage, the only way to specify  the  source
       package  name  is  with the -P option; you cannot simply have it as the
       last command-line parameter.


       All current cvs-buildpackage options are  silently  accepted;  however,
       only the ones listed below have any effect.  For more details on all of
       them, see the cvs-buildpackage(1) manpage.

       -adebian-architecture, -tGNU-system-type
              See dpkg-architecture(1) for a  description  of  these  options.
              They affect the search for the .changes file.  They are provided
              to mimic the behaviour of dpkg-buildpackage when determining the
              name of the .changes file.

              The name of the CVS module.

              The name of the package.

              The version number of the package.

              The CVS tag to use for exporting sources.

       -R<root directory>
              Root of the original sources archive.

       -W<work directory>
              The full path name for the cvs-buildpackage working directory.

              This option provides the CVS default module prefix.

       --help, --version
              Show help message and version information respectively.


       cvs-buildpackage(1), cvs-debi(1), cvs-debuild(1) and debc(1).


       cvs-buildpackage  was  written  by  Manoj  Srivastava,  and the current
       version of debi was written by Julian  Gilbey  <>.   They
       have been combined into this program by Julian Gilbey.