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       cuneiform - multi-language OCR system


       cuneiform  [--dotmatrix]  [-f FORMAT] [--fax] [-l LANGUAGE] [-o OUTPUT]


       Cuneiform is an OCR system. In addition to  text  recognition  it  also
       does  layout  analysis  and text format recognition. Cuneiform supports
       several languages.


           Undocumented option.

       -f FORMAT
           By default Cuneiform outputs plain text. There  are  several  other
           output formats. To get a list run the command "cuneiform -f".

           Undocumented option.

       -l LANGUAGE
           By  default  Cuneiform  recognizes  English  text.  To  change  the
           language use the command line switch -l followed by  your  language
           string. To get a list of supported languages type "cuneiform -l".

       -o OUTPUT
           If  you  do not define an output file with the -o switch, Cuneiform
           writes the result to  a  file  "cuneiform-out.[FORMAT]".  The  file
           extension depends on your output format.


       More     information     about    cuneiform    can    be    found    at


       cuneiform was written by  Cognitive  Technologies  and  Jussi  Pakkanen

       This manual page was written by Daniel Baumann <>, for
       the Debian project (but may be used by others).