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       csi - The Chicken Scheme Interpreter


       csi [ pathname | option ...  ]


       csi  is  an  interpreter for the programming language Scheme supporting
       most of the features as  described  in  the  Revised^5  Report  on  the
       Algorithmic  Language  Scheme  csi is implemented as a program compiled
       with the chicken compiler.


       --     Ignore everything on the  command-line  following  this  marker.
              Runtime options -...  are still recognized.

       -i -case-insensitive
              Enables the reader to read symbols case-insensitive. The default
              is to read case-sensitive (in violation of R5RS).   This  option
              registers the case-insensitive feature identifier.

       -b -batch
              Quit  the interpreter after processing all command line options.

       -e -eval expressions
              Evaluate expressions

       -p -print expressions
              Evaluate expressions and print result(s)

       -P -pretty-print expressions
              Evaluate expressions and pretty-print result(s)

              -D -feature symbol  Registers  symbol  to  be  a  valid  feature
              identifier for cond-expand

       -h -help
              Write  a  summary  of  the  available  command  line  options to
              standard ouput and exit.

       -I -include-path pathname
              Specifies an alternative search-path for files included via  the
              include  special  form. This option may be given multiple times.
              If the environment  variable  CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH  is  set,  it
              should contain a list of alternative include pathnames separated
              by ; .

       -k -keyword-stylestyle
              Enables alternative keyword syntax, where style  may  be  either
              prefix  (as  in  Common  Lisp), suffix (as in DSSSL) or none Any
              other value is ignored. The default is exttt{suffix}.

       -n -no-init
              Do not load the initialization-file ~/.csirc If this  option  is
              not given and the file ~/.csirc exists, then it is loaded before
              the read-eval-print loop commences.

       -w -no-warnings
              Disables any warnings that might be  issued  by  the  reader  or
              evaluated code.

       -q -quiet
              Do not print a startup message.

       -s -script pathname
              This  is equivalent to -batch -quiet pathname , but also ignores
              all arguments after the argument following -script

       -sx pathname
              Similar to -script but invokes prints each expression before  it
              is evaluated,

       -ss pathname
              Similar  to -script but invokes the procedure main after loading
              the file specified by pathname with a single argument (the  list
              of  command line arguments) returning any result as status code.

       -R -require-extension name
              Require extension for evaluated code.

       -v -version
              Write the banner with version information to standard output and


              Contains one or more pathnames where the interpreter should also
              look for include-files, separated by ; characters.

              Is used as a prefix directory for support  files,  include-files
              and libraries.

              When  set  to a string of command-line options, then the options
              are passed implicitly to every direct or indirect invocation  of
              Note  that  runtime  options of the form -...  can not be passed
              using this method.


       More information can be found in the Chicken Users Manual


       Submit  bug  reports  by  e-mail   to   ,
       preferrably using the chicken-bug tool.


       Felix Winkelmann and the Chicken Team


       chicken(1) chicken-bug(1)

                                  20 May 2008