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       crashwrite - Creates PKT file from text file


       crashwrite  DIR  directory  [FROMNAME  string]  [FROMADDR node] [TONAME
       string] [TOADDR node] [SUBJECT  string]  [AREA  area]  [ORIGIN  origin]
       node] PASSWORD [string]


       CrashWrite reads a text file and  creates  a  .pkt  file  that  can  be
       processed  by  CrashMail.  This  can  be used to post announcements and
       other messages in areas. The best way to use CrashWrite is  to  let  it
       generate  packets  in  a  separate  directory  and  then toss them with

       There are many keywords  for  CrashWrite.  All  keywords  are  optional
       except  for  DIRECTORY.  If you do not enter a keyword, a default value
       will be used.


       FROMNAME string
       FROMADDR node
       TONAME string
       TOADDR node
       SUBJECT string
              Use these keywords to set the header of the  message.  You  only
              need to enter TONAME and TOADDR for netmails.

       PKTFROMADDR node
       PKTTOADDR node
              Use  these  if you want to set the origin and destination
              address of the packet to something other than the  origin
              and destination address of the message inside the packet.
              If you do not specify these keywords, FROMADDR and TOADDR
              will be used for the packet as well.

       PASSWORD string
              You  can  use  this  keyword  to  set  a password for the
              packet. The maximum  length  of  the  password  is  eight

       AREA area
              The  area  the message should be posted in. If you do not
              enter an area, the message will be sent as a netmail.

       ORIGIN origin
              The origin line for the  message.  This  keyword  has  no
              effect for netmail messages.

       DIR directory
              The directory where the packet should be placed.

       TEXT filename
              The  name  of  a text file that should be included as the
              message text.

              Prevents CrashWrite from adding a MSGID line.

              Sets the file-attach  flag  for  netmails.  The  filename
              should be put in the subject line.




       CrashMail is written by Johan Billing <>

       This    manual    page    was    written   by   Peter   Karlsson