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       cooc,  cooc_features  - calculate the co-occurrence matrix and features
       on it


       cooc image matrix xpos ypos xsize ysize dx dy flag

       cooc_features matrix


       cooc creates a 256 by 256 one channel co-occurrence matrix of  the  box
       determined  by  the  parameters (xp, yp; xs, ys) within the image file.
       The  matrix  is  written  onto  the  Vasari  image  file  matrix.   The
       displacement  vector  is  determined by (dx, dy).  The user must ensure
       that there is enough border pixels around the box within im dictated by
       the displacement vector (dx,dy) or else the program fails.  All entries
       of the co-occurrence matrix are double  normalised  to  the  number  of
       pairs involved.  This function is a direct implementation of the paper:
       Haralick R. M., Shanmugan K. and Dinstein I.,  ’Textural  features  for
       image   classification’,   IEEE   Transactions  on  Systems,  Man,  and
       Cybernetics, Vol. SMC-3, No 6, Nov. 1973, pp 610-621.

       If flag sym is 1, the created co-occurrence matrix is symmetric that is
       dispacement  vectors  (dx,  dy),  (-dx,  -dy)  create  exactly the same
       matrix.  If sym is 0, the created co-occurrence matrix is not symmetric
       that  is  dispacement  vectors  (dx,  dy),  (-dx, -dy) create different

       Input image should be one band unsigned char image.

       cooc_features calculates  and  prints  at  the  standard  error  output
       features of the cooccurrence matrix matrix.


       im_glds_matrix(3X),        im_cooc_asm(3X),       im_cooc_contrast(3X),
       im_cooc_correlation(3X), im_cooc_entropy(3X)


       N. Dessipris


       N. Dessipris - 27/2/1992

                                  27 Jan 1992