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       convert_image - convert images to CBF format using a template


       convert_image [options]


       convert_image  is  a  program  that  can  convert images from a MAR180,
       MAR300, MAR345 or ADSC CCD detector and convert them to CBF format.

       convert_image requires two arguments: imagefile and cbffile. Those  are
       the  primary  input and output. The detector type is extracted from the
       image file or from the command line, converted to lower case  and  used
       to  construct  the name of a template cbf file to use for the copy. The
       template file name is of the form template_name_columnsxrows.

       To run makecbf with the example image, type:

       makecbf example.mar2300 test.cbf


       -i input_img
              (default: stdin) the input file as an image in smv,  mar300,  or
              mar345  format.   If  input_img  is not specified or is given as
              "-", it is copied from stdin to a temporary file.

       -p template_cbf
              the template for the final cbf to be produced.  If  template_cbf
              is not specified the name is constructed from the first token of
              the    detector    name    and     the     image     size     as

       -o output_cbf
              (default:  stdout  )  the output cbf combining the image and the
              template.  If the output_cbf is not specified  or  is  given  as
              "-", it is written to stdout.

       -d detectorname
              a  detector  name  to  be  used if none is provided in the image

       -F     when writing packed compression, treat the entire image  as  one
              line with no averaging

       -m [x|y|x=y]
              (default x=y, square arrays only) mirror the array in the x-axis
              (y -> -y) in the y-axis (x -> -x) or in x=y ( x -> y, y-> x)

       -r n   rotate the array n times 90 degrees counter clockwise x -> y,  y
              -> -x for each rotation, n = 1, 2 or 3

       -R     if  setting a beam center, set reference values of axis settings
              as well as standard settings

       -z distance
              detector distance along Z-axis

       -c category_alias=category_root

       -t tag_alias=tagroot
              map the given alias to  the  given  root,  so  that  instead  of
              outputting  the  alias, the root will be presented in the output
              cbf instead.  These options may be repeated  as  many  times  as


       cif2cbf(1), img2cif(1), makecbf(1).


       convert_image was written by Herbert J. Bernstein.

       This  manual page was written by Morten Kjeldgaard <>,
       for the Debian project (but may be used by others).

                                  April, 2008