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       connectagram - word unscrambling game


       This   manual   page   explains   the  Debian  package  connectagram  .
       Connectagram is a word unscrambling game. The board consists of several
       scrambled  words that are joined together. You can choose the length of
       the words, the amount of words, and the  pattern  that  the  words  are
       arranged  in.  The  game  provides a hint option for times when you are
       stuck, and features an online word lookup that fetches the  definitions
       of each word from  Your current progress is automaticalla

       Note that this game involves a large and  varied  word  list,  some  of
       which  may  be  considered inappropriate for children. You can edit the
       file containing the word list if you wish to  remove  words  from  your
       game. The location of this file varies by platform.


       Connectionagram        uses        the        configuration        file
       ~/.config/GottCode/Connectagram.conf .

       It supports the following options. Each line  must  be  in  the  format
       option = value.

       Count      the number of words

       Length      the length of each word


              Configuration file with default options.


       connectagram was written by Graeme Gott <>

       This manual page was written by Tang Ke <>, for the Debian project.

                                   May 2010