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       conglomerate - an XML editor


       /usr/bin/conglomerate [XML-file...]


        conglomerate  is  an  XML  editor. This manual page is about technical
       issues of it. There is user-friendly documentation in gnome help. FIXME
       tell  how  to  get that documentation ( the user-friendly documentation
       already exists ) FIXME


       display spec files (.XDS) FIXME

       XML files which conglomerate depends on. FIXME


       We like, as much as you, as few bugs as possible  in  conglomerate.  If
       you     find     a     bug     in    conglomerate    report    it    at If it  is
       already  reported,  update  the  bugreport. So we know that the bug did
       bite again.

       There is no guarantee how much it will effect our priority, but  a  bug
       that is unknown to us, will never get attention nor get squashed.


       This manual page has been written by Geert Stappers .