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       compamb - compute good ambient value for a rad input file


       compamb [ -c ][ -e ] rad_input_file


       Compamb computes a good ambient value for the specified rad(1) variable
       file and appends it to the file as a "render= -av" option.  If  the  -c
       option  is  specified,  then  compamb includes color information in the
       computed ambient value, rather than estimating a grey  value  to  avoid
       rendering  color  shifts.   If the -e option is specified, then compamb
       also computes a good exposure value for this scene, and appends  it  to
       the rad file as well.

       Compamb  is  a shell script that makes calls to other RADIANCE programs
       and utilities to do the actual work.  A substantial amount of time  may
       be  required  to  complete this script, since compamb calls rpict(1) to
       render low resolution frames for each view in  the  rad  file,  setting
       "QUALITY=High" to compute interreflections.  The resulting ambient file
       is thrown away, since it would disagree with the new -av  setting  used
       for the final renderings.  This method is preferable to setting the -aw
       option of rpict, which frequently results in splotchy artifacts.


       Greg Ward Larson


       lookamb(1), rad(1), rpict(1)