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       colrdx - hamradio dx-cluster client with ncurses color support


       colrdx [options] <host> [port]

       At  least one argument is needed, which is the host to connect to.  The
       default port is 8000 when no portnumber is used.


       Colrdx is a simple client for amateur radio dx-clusters.  In  a  split-
       screen  display  you  can  type  commands for the cluster in the bottom
       part.  Messages from the dx-cluster will appear  in  the  main  window.
       There is also a status line at the top with some basic information.


       Colrdx needs a callsign in order to be able to login to the cluster.

       -c callsign
              Send ’callsign’ when connected (required).

       -h     Display help and exit

       -n     Start  colrdx  in  black  and  white, even if terminal has color

       -v     Display version and exit


       Ctrl-A Goto beginning of line.

       Ctrl-B and Left arrow
              Go one character backward.

       Ctrl-D Delete character under cursor.

       Ctrl-E Goto end of line.

       Ctrl-F and Right arrow
              Go one character forward.

       Ctrl-K Kill from cursor to end of line (and store to kill buffer).

       Ctrl-L Repaints the whole screen.

       Ctrl-N and Down arrow
              Scroll Down.

       Ctrl-P and Up arrow
              Scroll Up.

       Ctrl-R Reprint current line.

       Ctrl-U Delete current line in total.

       Ctrl-W Erase last word.

       Ctrl-Y Yank kill buffer.

       The scroll buffer can be browsed with arrow keys Up and Down (or Ctrl-P
       and Ctrl-N), PageUp, PageDown, Home and End keys.


       If  ~/.colrdxrc  exists,  it  is  sent  to the server after logging in.
       Handy for automatically sending commands.


       Colrdx was written by Joop Stakenborg  <>.  Most  of  the
       code  was  taken from colrconv, written by Tomi Manninen, OH2BNS. It is
       based on the public domain program ttylink by Dave Perry, VA3DP.