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       cmph - minimum perfect hashing tool


       cmph  [-v]  [-h]  [-V]  [-k nkeys] [-f hash_function] [-g [-c value][-s
       seed]  ]  [-a  algorithm]  [-M  memory_in_MB]  [-b  BRZ_parameter]  [-d
       tmp_dir] [-m file.mph] keysfile


       Command line tool to generate and query minimal perfect hash functions.

       Please refer to for full documentation.

       -h     Print an help message

       -c     This value determines: the number of vertices in the  graph  for
              the  algorithms BMZ and CHM; the number of bits per key required
              in the FCH algorithm

       -a     Algorithm. Valid values are: bmz, bmz8, chm, brz, fch

       -f     hash function (may be used multiple times).  valid  values  are:
              djb2, fnv, jenkins, sdbm

       -V     Print version number and exit

       -v     Increase verbosity (may be used multiple times)

       -k     Number of keys

       -g     Generation mode

       -s     Random seed

       -m     Minimum perfect hash function file

       -M     Main memory availability (in MB)

       -d     Temporary directory used in brz algorithm

       -b     Parameter of BRZ algorithm to make the maximal number of keys in
              a bucket lower than 256

              Line separated file with keys


       $ # Using the default algorithm (chm) for constructing a mphf
       $ # for keys in file keys_file. Lines in keys_file _must_ be unique.
       $ ./cmph -v -g keys_file
       $ # Query id of keys in the file keys_query
       $ ./cmph -v -m keys_file.mph keys_query


       This    manual     page     was     written     by     Enrico     Tassi
       <>, for the Debian project (but may
       be used by others).