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       clfsplit - split Common-Log Format web logs based on IP address


       clfsplit [--help] [-i input] -d defaultfile -f file -s spec [-f file -s


       The clfsplit will split up large  CLF  format  web  logs  based  on  IP
       address.   This  is  for  creating  separate  log  analysis  passes for
       internal and external users of web pages.


       The defaultfile parameter specifies where data goes if it doesn’t match
       any  of the IP ranges.  This could be /dev/null depending on your aims.

       The -i input parameter gives the  file  to  take  input  from  (default
       standard input).

       The -f file parameter must be given before the list of IP addresses.

       The spec parameter is the IP addresses that go to the file in question.
       It is of the form start[-end][:start[-end]] where start and end specify
       the  start  and  ends  of ranges of IPs.  Also the CIDR notation can be
       used or a single IP address.  If there is a large number of  IP  ranges
       then  a  file  name can be given which contains a set of IP ranges, one
       range per line.


       0 No errors

       1 Bad parameters

       2 Can’t open input

       3 Can’t open/write to output file

       4 Can’t open and read from spec file


       This program, its manual page, and the Debian package were  written  by
       Russell Coker <>.