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       circlepack - manipulate and display circle packings


       circlepack [file]


       Copyright  (C)  1992,  1993.  Notice:  The  programs  "CirclePack"  and
       "CircleFlick"  are  copyrighted  by  Ken  Stephenson.   They   may   be
       distributed  under  the terms and conditions of the "GNU General Public


       circlepack  is  designed  for  easy  creation,  manipulation,  display,
       printing,   and   storage   of  "circle  packings".  Perhaps  the  best
       introduction to the package, after installation, is to run one  of  the
       prepared  "<script>.cmd"  files  which  have  been  included  with this
       distribution. These can be found in /usr/share/doc/circlepack/examples.
       For  instance,  copy  /usr/share/doc/circlepack/examples/demo.cmd.gz to
       some directory,  gunzip  it,  and  enter  "circlepack  demo.cmd".  Then
       repeatedly hit the "Execute Next Command" button.

       For further information see the documents in /usr/share/doc/circlepack.
       An online version of the documentation is also available.


              The circlepack executable
              The online help database.


       Ken Stephenson, Dept. of Math., University of Tennessee

       This   man   page   was   written   for   Debian   by   John    Lapeyre

                                 1998 July 28