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     chilight - highlight a C source file


     chilight [-V] [-f format] [-o file] [-t title] [-w width] [file ...]


     The chilight utility colorizes the input file, expected to be written in
     the C language, with text attributes or markups.

     The options are as follows:

     -f format
             Set the output format to format.
             The format can be one of: ansi_color, ansi_bold, html_color,
             html_font, roff or tty (the default).

     -o file
             Set the output destination to file.

     -t title
             Specify the page title for the generated HTML page.

     -V      Print version information on standard output then exit.

     -w width
             Set the tab width for the roff style.
             Tabulator characters are converted to suitable amounts of space
             characters to gain better typographic quality on roff output.
             Acceptable values are in the range 1..16 which should be ample
             for most situations.


     Sandro Sigala <> - original version

     Jukka A. Ukkonen <> - roff and tty formats, better handling of
     #xxx preprocessor directives and some minor changes.