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       checkmp3 - identify MP3s that do not follow the MP3 format


       checkmp3 [-q number] [-e] [-p] [-v[v]] [-a] [-b [byte_count]]
       [-i] [-s[s|f]] [-h] [file]


       checkmp3  helps  to  identify  in  explicit  detail  MP3s  that  do not
       correctly follow the MP3  format.  It  also  looks  for  invalid  frame
       headers,  missing  frames,  etc., and generates useful statistics. This
       can be useful when building a high-quality mp3 archive...


       -a     Checks the mp3 from stem to stern (default).  If any other flags
              are  present, it will not be enabled, and will instead behave as
              though the ’-b’ switch is present.

       -b [byte_count]
              If a frame is not found by byte_count bytes, quit, and return an
              error.  If byte_count is not specified, it will search until the
              first valid frame and quit.

       -e     While id3v2 support is under development, this flag  will  allow
              you  to  have  checkmp3 record a frame error when a id3v2 tag is

       -h     Print help including the version.

       -i     Check to see if there is a ID3 tag, and if so, display the info.

       -q number
              Determines  the mininum number of contiguous frames that must be
              present for an error NOT to occur.  Analyzing random  data  will
              find spurious MP3 headers, but finding number sequential headers
              are even harder to find.

       -p     Shows just the essentials (what you get without the  -v  option)
              on  a  single line for easy parsing. The fields are separated by
              tabs, and the name/value pairs are separated by spaces.

              Sends  the  mp3  to  stdout  (for  CGI  applications).   If   an
              additional ’s’ is there, then no output is made, just errors are
              reported (super silent).  With the ’f’ used, only  valid  frames
              are  sent to stdout (’f’ixing the mp3 is attempted). Also, it is
              important to note that the id3 tag will not be included  in  the
              ’f’ixed  mp3.  If  you want it included, you have to include the
              ’-i’ option.

       -v[v]  Lists details about the mp3 in name -> value order.   Adding  an
              extra  ’v’  at  the end gives details about each frame. Extremly


       To check an mp3 run:

           $ checkmp3 file.mp3

       To fix a broken mp3 run:

           $ checkmp3 -sf file.mp3 > fixed-file.mp3


       ·  There may be a problem with ’fixing’ VBR files. Anyone else have any
          bad  experiences? I guess mpg123 doesn’t like it when checkmp3 fixed
          the VBR mp3, although I am inclined  to  think  that  it  may  be  a
          problem with mpg123...

       ·  With  a  valid mp3 with no id3 tag, using the -a -sf flags will give
          you an identical mp3. However not using the -sf  flag,  but  instead
          using  the  -s flag will give you a much smaller mp3 (This should be

       ·  CRC16 checksumming is not implemented.



       Eric Bullen <ericb at>

                               February 28, 2004                   checkmp3(1)