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       checkbox,  checkbox-cli, checkbox-urwid, checkbox-gtk - Application for
       system testing


       checkbox [OPTIONS]


       Checkbox  provides  tests  to  confirm  that  your  system  is  working
       properly.  Once  you  are  finished  running  the tests, you can view a
       summary report for your system.


       -c config, --config=config
              Configuration override parameters.

       -l file, --log=file
              The file to write the log to.

              One of debug, info, warning, error or critical.

              Print version information and exit.

       --help Print a usage message  briefly  summarizing  these  command-line


       The  behavior  of  checkbox  is  affected  by the following environment

       The locale for category LC_foo is  specified  by  examining  the  three
       environment  variables  LC_ALL, LC_foo, LANG, in that order.  The first
       of these variables that is set specifies the locale.  For  example,  if
       LC_ALL  is not set, but LC_MESSAGES is set to pt_BR, then the Brazilian
       Portuguese locale is used for the LC_MESSAGES category.  The  C  locale
       is  used  if none of these environment variables are set, if the locale
       catalog is not installed.

              This variable specifies default options to be placed in front of
              any  explicit  options.   For  example,  if  CHECKBOX_OPTIONS is
              '--log-level=debug', checkbox behaves as if the option had  been
              specified  before  any  explicit options.  Option specifications
              are separated by  whitespace.   A  backslash  escapes  the  next
              character,  so  it  can  be used to specify an option containing
              whitespace or a backslash.

              Specifies  the  directory  containing  variable  data  such   as
              persisting  state  for  example.  Some plugins in checkbox might
              also choose to store their own data under that directory.

              This variable specifies the directory  containing  shared  files
              such  as  plugins  and  jobs for example.  It might also contain
              static files used by plugins such as data files and scripts.


              The base checkbox configuration file.

              The command-line configuration file.

              The command-line configuration file (urwid version).

              The GTK configuration file.


       checkbox and the  accompanying  tools  are  developed  by  Marc  Tardif