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       chaosreader - trace network sessions and export it to html format


       Chaosreader traces TCP/UDP/others sessions and fetches application data
       from snoop or tcpdump logs. This is a type of "any-snarf"  program,  as
       it  will  fetch  telnet sessions, FTP files, HTTP transfers (HTML, GIF,
       JPEG etc) and SMTP emails from the captured data inside network traffic
       logs.  A  html  index  file is created to that links to all the session
       details, including realtime replay programs for  telnet,  rlogin,  IRC,
       X11  and  VNC  sessions.  Chaosreader reports such as image reports and
       HTTP GET/POST content reports.

       Chaosreader can also run in standalone mode, where it  invokes  tcpdump
       to create the log files and then processes them.


       tcpdump(8), chaosreader help page.


       chaosreader was written by Brendan Gregg.

       This   manual   page   was   written   by   Joao  Eriberto  Mota  Filho
       <>,               using                txt2tags
       (,  for  the Debian project (but may be
       used by others).

                                August 23, 2008