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     ch_utt - change/copy utterance file


     ch_utt [-h] [-f feature] [-o output file] [-otype -file -type]
            [-sysdir -directory] input file


     ch_utt copies an input utterance file to an output file, optionally
     changing its format or performing other operations along the way.

     The following option flags are recognized:

           -h    Print a short summary of options to standard output
           -f feature
                 Feature to use as item ID when merging utterances.
           -o output file
                 Output file name
           -otype -file -type
                 Output file type.  For the full list of supported file
                 formats, see the output of the -h option.
           -sysdir -directory
                 Look for unqualified system entities in this directory


     ch_track(1) ch_lab(1)