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       cfdg - image generator based on context-free grammars


       cfdg [options] input.cfdg [output.png/svg]


       Context  Free  is  a  system that produces images based on context-free
       grammars.  cfdg is the command-line  program  to  generate  the  actual
       images (in PNG or SVG format) from the input.cfdg file containing these
       grammars.  If - is specified instead of an input file, the  grammar  is
       read  from  standard input.  The output filename can be left out if the
       -o option is used.  Note that the output  mode  (PNG  or  SVG)  is  not
       detected  depending  on the specified extension, but must be explicitly
       set using the -V option.


       All command-line options consist of a single letter,  and  an  optional
       argument.  A summary of options supported by cfdg is included below.

       -w width
              Set width of the output image in pixels (for PNG) or millimeters
              (for SVG) (default: 500).

       -h height
              Set  height  of  the  output  image  in  pixels  (for  PNG)   or
              millimeters (for SVG) (default: 500).

       -s size
              Set  both  width  and  height of the output image in pixels (for
              PNG) or millimeters (for SVG).

       -m maximum shapes amount
              Set the maximum number of shapes rendered (default: no maximum).

       -x minimum shape size
              Set  the  minimum  size  for a shape to be rendered in pixels/mm
              (default: 0.3).

       -b border size
              Set the border size: -1 for a -8 pixel border, 0 for no  border,
              1 for an 8 pixel border, or 2 for a variable-sized border.

       -v variation code
              Set  the variation code (default: random).  This code determines
              what the final image will look like when the input contains non-
              deterministic rules.

       -o filename
              Set  the  output  filename.  In this filename, %f is replaced by
              the animation frame number (if any), %v and %V are  replaced  by
              the  variation  code (in lower or upper case, respectively), and
              %% is replaced by a literal %.

       -L     Previous versions of cfdg created different designs for the same
              variation  code  depending  on  whether  a big- or little-endian
              machine was used; now the little-endian variation is created  on
              all  machines.   Use  this  option to get the old behaviour on a
              big-endian machine.

       -a number of frames
              Generate num animation frames (only possible using PNG  output).

       -z     Zoom out during animation, when producing an animation using -a.

       -V     Generate SVG (vector) output.

       -c     Crop image output.

       -q     Quiet mode; suppress non-error output.

       -?     Show summary of options.


       More  information  can  be  found  on  the  Context  Free  website,  at


       Context  Free  was  written  by  Chris  Coyne,  John  Horigan  and Mark

       This manual page was written by Bram Senders <>,  for  the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).