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       cefconv   -   convert   a  TeX  document  containing  CEF  macros  into
       ‘preprocessed’ form.


       cefconv < infile > outfile


       The Chinese Encoding Framework (CEF)  developed  by  Christian  Wittern
       <>   makes   it   possible  to  include  CJK
       characters in various encodings using the  SGML  macros  &CX-aabb;  for
       Big 5  and  CNS  encoding  and &U-aabb; for Unicode (X denotes a number
       between 0 and 7; 0 represents Big 5 encoding, 1-7 CNS  encoding  planes
       1-7.  aabb is either a decimal or hexadecimal number)

       cefconv  converts  the  CEF  macros  into  a  form  which  can directly
       processed with LaTeX 2e.

       This filter is part of the CJK macro package for LaTeX 2e.


       sjisconv(1), bg5conv(1), cef5conv(1), cefsconv(1), extconv(1),
       the CJK documentation files.


       Werner Lemberg <>