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       Cecilia - A GUI and programming environment for Csound


       cecilia [OPTIONS]


       Cecilia  is  a  graphic  interface  for  music  composition  and signal
       processing that uses Csound as its audio processing engine.  Cecilia is
       a   completely   programmable   sound  processing  tool  with  realtime
       interactive processing of soundfiles or live input.   It  can  also  be
       regarded a software synthesizer with configurable controls.

       Cecilia  includes  the  Cybil  language  for  the production of complex
       Csound scores.

       Cecilia provides a  completely  programmable  GUI  written  in  Tcl/Tk.
       Parameter  controls  may  be  designed  for  interactive  input and for
       dynamic graphing. The program can also be used  as  a  Csound  friendly
       text editor for the creation of Csound instruments and scores.


       No  runtime  options  are  available for this program.  cecilia -h will
       return the options specific to Tcl/Tk.


       Examples  and  complete  HTML  documentation  can  be  found   in   the
       $CECILIA_HOME/files directory.


       Report     all     bugs     to     the    Cecilia    mail    list    at

       >From the TODO list for Cecilia 2.0.5 :

       Amplitude information is not displayed with Csound versions later  than

       Auto  Rename  generates  soundfiles with an extension incompatible with
       the play and SoX programs.

       The Pvoc Reader window comes up very squashed, needs reasonable default


       >From the TODO list for Cecilia 2.0.5 :

       - Create complete package for MacOS X

       - Merge Windows sources from Bill Beck into CVS

       - Use Tcl compiler to create binaries

       - Documentation needs to be updated to recent versions of Csound with a
       new script to generate the reference database from the HTML.


       Cecilia  was  written  by  Alexandre  Burton  and  Jean  Piché  at  the
       University Of Montreal.


       Copyright  ©  Jean  Piché and Alexandre Burton, 1995-98. Licensed under
       the GNU Public License.

                                 November 2003                      Cecilia(1)