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       cdicsort - To sort the text format dictionary.


       cdicsort  < textdic




       This function allows user to sort the specified text format dictionary,
       which is piped in as textdic.
       If the input text dictionary is not given, the input will be taken from
       the  standard input(stdin).  To end the input via standard input, press

       "<" means to pipe the textdic as an input to "cdicsort" command.

       textdic is the text format dictionary.  The format of  this  text  file
       must  be  the  same as that in the system text format dictionary.  That
       |  Pinyin      Word       Cixing        Frequency  |
       |   :           :          :              :        |
       Refer to cWnn manual for details.
       By using "cdicsort", all the Pinyin tuples in textdic will be sorted.

       The result of "cdicsort" will be output to  standard  output  (stdout).
       It  may  also  be  piped  into  a  file  by using the ">" command.  For
            cdicsort  <  dict.u  >  sort_dict.u
       "dict.u"   here  is  the  input  text  format  dictionary,  while   the
       "sort_dict.u" is the sorted text format dictionary.

                                  13 May 1992