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       cddbcmd  -  Connect  to  a  CDDB  server site and execute a simple CDDB
       server command.


       cddbcmd [-m mode]  [-p  proxyhost[:port]]  [-h  serverhost[:port]]  [-c
       cgipath] [-l level] [-d] command ...


       The cddbcmd utility is a simple shell command interface to the CDDB (CD
       database) server.  CDDB protocol commands  can  be  sent  via  cddbcmd.
       Output from CDDB protocol commands are stripped of the status code line
       and then displayed on standard output.  Input to CDDB protocol commands
       are  read  from  standard  input.   Both the CDDBP or HTTP mode of CDDB
       server connection styles are supported.  In order to use this  utility,
       your  system  must  be  connected to the Internet, and DNS (domain name
       service) must be functional.


       cddbcmd supports the following options:

       -m mode
              Specifies the mode of CDDB server connection.  The mode must  be
              either cddbp or http.  The default is cddbp.

       -p proxyhost[:port]
              If  a proxy server must be used, this option specifies the proxy
              server host to connect to.  The optional port argument specifies
              the  port  number,   The  default  is  port  80.  This option is
              meaningful only when used in http mode.

       -h serverhost[:port]
              Specifies the CDDB server host to connect to.   The  default  is
      The optional port argument specifies the port
              number,  The default is port 888 for  cddbp,  and  port  80  for

       -c cgipath
              If http mode is used, this option specifies the path to the CDDB
              server CGI program.  The default is /~cddb/cddb.cgi

       -l level
              This specifies the CDDB protocol  level  to  use.   The  default
              level is 3.

       -d     Enable debugging diagnostics.

              The CDDB server command string to send to the server.  Here is a
              non-exhaustive list of such commands:

              proto (cddbp only)
              cddb lscat
              cddb query
              cddb read

              Some of these commands  require  additional  arguments.   Please
              consult  the  CDDB  Specifications for details about CDDB server
              commands.  The specifications are  available  on  the  CDDB  web


       xmcd(1), cda(1), wm2xmcd(1),
       Xmcd web site:
       CDDB web site:
       FreeDB web site:


       Ti Kan (
       AMB Research Laboratories, Sunnyvale, CA, U.S.A.

       Comments, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome.