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       cd-discid - read CD and get CDDB discid information.


       cd-discid [devicename]


       In order to do CDDB queries over the Internet, you must know the DiscID
       of  the  CD  you  are  querying.   cd-discid  provides  you  with  that
       information.  It  outputs  the  discid, the number of tracks, the frame
       offset of all of the tracks, and the total length of the CD in seconds,
       on  one  line in a space-delimited format.  cd-discid was designed as a
       backend tool for cdgrab (now abcde) but will work independently of  it.


              CD-ROM  block device name that contains the CD to be queried. If
              this option is omitted, the following device name is assumed:

                     for Linux and FreeBSD

                     for OpenBSD and NetBSD

                     for Solaris

                     for MacOS X


       Robert   Woodcock   <>.    Updates    by    Timur    Bish